In house

Our Menu


Funghi Gorgonzola  £ 8.50

Fresh mushrooms in a creamy gorgonzola sauce

Bruschetta al pomodoro  £ 7.00

Sliced bread with fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic, olive oil

Caprese  di burrata £ 9.50

Fresh burrata mozzarella with fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil, oregano

Melanzana Parmigiana   £ 9.50

Layered oven baked aubergine in a tomato sauce with fresh basil and parmesan

Cozze al pomodoro  £ 11.00

Fresh mussels with garlic, white wine, tomatoes and fresh basil

Tagliere   £ 15.95

A selection of Sardinian cured meat and Sardinian cheese with olives and bread

Garlic bread  £ 8.00

Traditional flat pizza with garlic and tomato sauce


Pitzianti   £ 12.00

Tomato sauce,  mozzarella, spicy salami and chilli

Cotto e funghi   £ 12.00

Tomato sauce,  mozzarella, ham and fresh mushrooms

Napoli   £ 12.00

Tomato sauce,  mozzarella, anchovies and capers  

Margherita   £ 11.00

Tomato and mozzarella

Ortolana   £ 12.00

Tomato sauce,  mozzarella, mixed Vegetables

Fresca   £ 13.00

Tomato sauce,  mozzarella, Parma Ham, Rocket and grana shaved

Pizianti Pastore £ 13.00

Tomato sauce,  mozzarella, spicy salami and chilli, gorgonzola and pecorino cheese

*** All the Pizzas can be made in white base

Pasta & Risotti

Carbonara   £ 13.00

Spaghetti with pancetta, egg and cream with a touch of black pepper

Bolognese  £ 13.00

Traditional meat ragù from Bologna

Pomodoro e basilico   £ 13.00

Spaghetti with our tomato sauce and basil

Penne Arrabbiata   £ 13.00

Penne with fresh tomato sauce and fresh chilli

Riso funghi  £ 14.00

Risotto with mixed mushrooms, garlic, white wine and cream finished with Parmesan

Riso veg  £ 14.00

Risotto with mixed vegetables and garlic, white wine, tomato sauce and a touch of cream. Finished with Parmesan

Lasagna  £ 13.00

Layers of pasta with tomato sauce, bolognese, mozzarella, besciamella and Parmesan cheese

Cannelloni spinach  £ 13.00

Fresh pasta tube filled with spinach, ricotta, spring onion served with tomato sauce,besciamella and Parmesan cheese

Salads and Side Dishes

La Verde – Mix of green leaves             £ 3.50

La Mista  – Tomato, onions, lettuce         £ 3.50

La Bianca  – Rocket and grana               £ 3.50

Patate Mediterranee                        £ 4.50

Roasted potatoes with mix Mediterranean herbs and garlic

Vegetali rustici                £ 4.50